| ARTIST Bruno Garrudo CV/Biography

“I’m just a wonderer, a searcher, a dreamer, flowing through life. Stuck is who i am, what i do, a shadow of my inner self.”

Bruno Garrudo

First and foremost, Stuck is a surfer. A passionate one. A true soul surfer whose love for the ocean and the art of riding waves has taken him across dozens of countries, for more than twenty years.
Parallelly to his passion, and over the course of the nineties, he has established himself as one of the best street-artists in Portugal. He was invited to most important events and his murals were a regular appearance in the press.

He has always reinvented himself, his techniques and media. Not surprisingly, in the begining of the present century, his work as a board artist was recognised as a reference in Europe by highly respected institutions and individiuals, such as Surf Europe magazine and the shaper Ricardo Martins.

His love for surfing and travelling took him on a personal journey, searching for perfect empty waves and for distant and exotic lands and cultures. He’s been documenting his travels through photography and writing, in a very intimate and unique way. His work has been featured in several publications, in Portugal and abroad.

To put it simply, Stuck is the alter ego of Bruno Garrudo, the man -or should I say child- that has literally dedicated his life to the art of surfing, the art of creating and ultimatelly, the art of living.