| ARTIST Mambakewdza Mutasa CV/Biography

Mutasa was born in 1974 in Harare, Zimbabwe where he lives and works.

Inspired by the creator to create, a sheep of the shepherd, an instrument to glorify his living word in the spirit of Jesus Christ, a mirror of his Godliness, as to bring consciousness of the presence of the present things, all this defines the core of his work. Primarily a sculptor, Mambakwedza Mutasa also paints, photographs and creates performance art.

His work explores the opposing forces that define human life: spiritual and physical, natural and supernatural. His sculptures, often bares a monumentality that is always on the verge of disintegration, commenting on both universal human spirituality and the political state of the African continent, the physicality of materials such as scrap metal, stone and wood enliven his spiritual themes with a rich, vibrant tactility.

He mainly works with what he calls 'weld art' a method of welding shaped steel into new forms. At the same time, his spiritual beliefs introduce a sacred dimension into the act of creation with his resourcefulness and imagination becoming instruments of his faith.