| ARTIST Nel Luyendyk CV/Biography

Born in Holland Nel Luyendyk has spent most of her life living between that country and South Africa. She was very young when she realized that her passion was art, and she first expressed herself with creating woven textile tapestries. These works didn’t provide Nel with the creative satisfaction she was looking for and she gradually developed the beautiful multi-media textile collages which she does now with kuba cloth (traditional fabric from Congo) Creating her own original contemporary designs with oils and the various elements of the cloth.

Nel also developed an interest in painting and worked in water colours and acrylics before she settled with oils. She has always been fascinated by the art of Africa, and has developed an impressive realist technique in her own paintings (African portraiture) which has a fine finish depth do it.
This combined with Nels unusual compositions make her art contemporary, unique, expressive and very appealing.