| ARTIST Wilma Cruise CV/Biography

Wilma Cruise is a South African sculptor and visual artist. Working mainly with fired clay on a life size scale she has had sixteen solo exhibitions, curated others and completed a number of public works including the national monument to the woman of South Africa at the Union buildings, Pretoria. A number of the ceramic sculptures have been translated successfully into bronze editions. In addition to three-dimensional works Cruse has made a number of print editions and large format drawings. She is pursuing her doctoral studies at Stellenbosch University in the field of art and animal ethics.

Cruise is a fellow of ceramics South Africa and writes extensively in the field of ceramics. Her work is represented in public, corporate and private collections throughout South Africa. She has participated in the Havana Biennale, the Florence Biennale and the prestigious 7th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale in Seoul, Korea in September 2013. In 2015 Wilma will be presenting a solo exhibition at the Clay Museum in Cape Town.

Academic Qualifications

1969 BA (Hons) (Wits)
1968 Transvaal Teachers Higher Diploma (JCE)
1969 BA (FA) (Cum Laude) (UNISA)
1997 MA (FA) (Cum Laude) (UNISA)
2014 Doctoral Student University of Stellenbosch

Fellow Ceramics South Africa